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Yards IPA

Yards IPA. Great color, nice head, great taste.

Yards Brewing Company is a brewery that makes fantastic beer.  Their IPA is one of the best IPA’s that I’ve had.  Upon pouring this beer into the pint glass, the head is foamy and large, with a nice white color.  As you drink it, the head dissipates slowly, leaving a nice lacing down the glass. Beautiful.  The body has a nice copper color and the carbonation runs at a medium rate.

The aroma contains hints of citrus and strong floral notes. This beer is hopped up but not to the point where it is over-powering. When taking a sip of this beer, the hops leap right onto your tongue and then there is a slight hint of barley. The mouth feel is a little creamy and it hits your tongue in the middle.

This beer has a nice finish with great hop aroma and taste.  This is an IPA that you can have many and not get bored with. If you enjoy an IPA, this is one that you should definitley try.

ABV%= 7%

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  • I’ve always loved this beer. The reviewer was spot on!

    Mike June 18, 2012 1:43 pm Reply

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