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Stegmaier Honey Suckle Ale

A mug of Honey Suckle Ale

The Stegmaier brand was acquired by The Lion Brewery in 1974.  The Lion Brewery  vowed to continue the long brewing tradition that Charles Stegmaier began at the age of 15 in Wurttemberg, Germany.  Mr. Stegmaier established the Stegmaier Brewery in 1857 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.He died in 1906 at the age of 85. The Lion Brewery has continued to brew Charles Stegmaier’s recipies and continue his legacy of great tasting beers.

The beer being reviewed today is called Honey Suckle Ale. This is a beer sounds it would be sweet but it is complex.  When I poured the beer, the head was small and fizzy.  It had a white shade to it and did not last long.  There is little carbonation and the body clarity is sparkling and has a nice gold color.

The aroma of the beer has slight honey hints and not much hop fragrance.  On your first sip there is a combination of a slight sweetness with hints of honey and the bitterness that is provided by the hops.  On the finish, there are grapefruit and barley notes which have an average length.  The tongue hit is on the front and the mouth feel is watery.  As I was drinking the beer, there was no head or body lacing on the glass.

This is a well balanced beer that was enjoyable to drink and I would definitely drink it again.

ABV%= 5%

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