Irish Stout – Murphy’s

Murphy's Irish Stout.
Murphy's Irish Stout.

The perfect pour for the perfect stout.

Is there a perfect beer?  Maybe.  But that would be an argument that would go on for  awhile.  So let’s ask a different question……. Is there a perfect stout? The answer is yes.  But let’s break it down even further. Is there a perfect dry stout? Yes. And for me, that is Murphy’s Irish Stout.

Don’t get me wrong, Guinness is great. I love Guinness.  But being able to purchase a Murphy’s in a 14.9 oz. nitro-can and pour it like a draught pint is the best.

This beer looks fantastic in a glass.  It has a large two finger-thick head that is light brown in color, that is creamy in texture and is present throughout the entire time you drink it. The head lacing is excellent and clings to the glass like a thin wet t-shirt on a pair of double D’s. Glorious.  The body clarity is dark and the beer has a nice black color.

The aroma of this beer has chocolate, toasted grains, and bready malt.  There is a nice earthiness to this brew that lets you know it is going to be a wonderful first sip.  That first taste has different levels of malt.  I get toasted and roasted flavors with a slight pleasant,  barely discernible burnt taste in the background. Other notes of coffee and chocolate are also present.  Murphy’s has a creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel that wraps itself around your palate and washes over your tongue allowing it to be enveloped in wonderful malty goodness.

Murphy’s Irish Stout isn’t a beer that you just drink – you experience it. You enjoy it. And then you eventually, you love it. I love this beer. I need to buy another case.

ABV = 4.0%

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  • Not sure if I like it as much as you, but the description was awesome. Double D’s indeed!

    Ken March 29, 2014 6:03 pm Reply

Did you like? Let me know!!