Sweet Baby Jesus (Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter) – DuClaw Brewing

Sweet Baby Jesus from DuClaw Brewing

Sweet Baby Jesus, that’s a great beer!!

Sweet Baby Jesus!! That is the name of this beer and that is what you will exclaim when you try this porter from DuClaw Brewing, which is a Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. Yes, peanut butter.

In the glass, the head has a medium brown color and average size.  The head stays for a little bit but a small amount stays throughout the tasting. The body clarity dark with a nice black color.

As you lean over the glass, this beer has a nice nutty and chocolate aroma. It does not have an overwhelming peanut smell but just enough of that peanut aroma that you realize that this beer is different. The taste of this beer has chocolate and peanut butter up front and a toasted and roasted note in the background from the malt. The peanut butter taste lingers on the finish which is a pleasant experience.  The brew has a nice malty presence that lends a nice mouthfeel to it also.  IMG_1525

Sweet Baby Jesus is a beer that I enjoy along with my wife.  She loved it so much she ended up buying a case of it.  This is the go-to beer that she enjoys sipping on.  Friends of ours have stated that they do not drink dark beers because they are heavy.  Usually that means they haven’t tried a dark beer or that they have had one that was off-putting and they believe that all porters and stouts taste the same. Sweet Baby Jesus is a beer that can open doors for those who do not like dark beers. Those same friends of mine who ‘do not like dark beers’ are now trying other porter and stout beers because they have tried and enjoyed Sweet Baby Jesus.  If you have a chance to have one at a bar, or to buy a six-pack, do it.  You will not be disappointed.

ABV = 6.5%

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