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Pike Entire

How about a stout aged in whiskey barrels? This is a big beer.

I love a good stout.  And I enjoy a nice tasting whiskey. So when my neighbor had a bottle of Pike Entire, a wood aged stout aged in Whiskey barrels, crafted by The Pike Brewing Company, I just ad to try it. This is a blended brew that is 25% ale and 75% ale aged in whiskey barrels.

This beer poured dark black had a huge head that was frothy with a dark brown color.  It had great lacing on the glass and it dissipated slowly and stayed around throughout the tasting.

Pike Entire has aroma notes of chocolate, coffee espresso, roasted malt, vanilla and an earthy woodiness (if that’s a word).  The taste of this beer is just how it smells.  There is an espresso bitterness, chocolate, vanilla and a slight caramel sweetness. Also very present is the alcohol and a slight whiskey taste on the finish. IMG_1491

Pike Entire Wood Aged Stout is a full-bodied beer that has complex aroma and taste.  The blending with 25% of an ale helped in cutting the intensity of this beer a bit.  I enjoyed drinking it, but this is not a beer for everyone.  You really need to enjoy stouts and beers with big complex flavors.  This beer will confuse and more likely offend the palates of those who enjoy safe tasting beers.  It is absolutely a sipping beer.

ABV = 9.5%

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