Pils – Stoudts

Pils - Stoudts

A great refreshing pilsner. Pils by Stoudts. Have one today!

I love a fine pilsner beer.  They are light in body with a great hops taste.  Pils, is the take that the brewers at Stoudts have on a German style pilsner — and it is a very good one.

As seen in the picture here, the color  of this beer is straw with huge head that was foamy and white in color.  It did take some time for the head to dissipate.  The carbonation was active and the beer’s clarity clear.

I get a slight citrus/floral aroma when leaning over this beer.  The first sip has a nice bitterness up front and a hint of malt in the background.  This is a crisp and refreshing beer that is light in body and easy on the palate and a nice creamy mouthfeel.  It has the right amount of hop bitterness in it so that it balances out and does not overpower the pale malts used in the brew.

It is an enjoyable beer to drink and is one that I would definitely purchase a case of. I purchased the variety case that included three other beer styles along with the Pils.  Pils is a beer that is perfect for any season.

ABV = 5.4%

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