Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada

Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada

The quintessential American Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada.

The term Pale Ale was first used in 1703 to describe the style that used lighter colored dried malt. The first successful American pale ale was introduced in 1980 by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I picked up a bottle of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale and enjoyed the task of a tasting.

In the glass, this pale ale has a nice gold color, clear body clarity,  with a carbonation that comes at a medium rate.  It had an average head size that is white in color, foamy in appearance but dissipated quickly.

The brew has a wonderful floral hop aroma that is very inviting and will have you picking up the glass to take that first sip.  The taste has notes of biscuit from the malt, citrus and floral hop notes with a spice and a bitterness that balances out the beer.  It has a crisp finish that makes this a refreshing beer.Sierra Nevada bottle cap.

Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada just may be THE perfect American Pale Ale.  This is a beer that you buy a case of and enjoy during anytime of the year.

ABV = 6.5%

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