Lucky 7 Porter – Evolution Craft Brewing Co.

Lucky 7 Porter
Lucky 7 Porter

What a nice picture of a wonderful porter as the sun sets in the background.

Porter is a style of beer that originated in England in the 18th century and descended from brown beer that was well hopped and made from brown malts.  It was typically served around the port towns in England, thus the style being named Porter.

The review for today is of Lucky 7 Porter from Evolution Craft Brewing Company. This is a very, very good beer.  In the glass, it has a wonderful dark black color.  It has a large head that is fizzy and medium brown in color. It did dissipate quickly during the tasting.  Lucky 7 has a nice carbonation that lends itself to the tasting.

Lucky 7 Porter has a distinctive chocolate aroma with coffee as well.  It is a brew that is enjoyable to smell.  It looks good and smells good, now how about the taste? With the first taste there is the coffee notes and the chocolate which go together well along with a hint of caramel.  There is also a nice roasted/toasted taste that is right-up-to-a-burnt-but-not-quite from the malt that complements the other flavors in the beer.  The carbonation helps distribute these flavors across your tongue.  IMG_1271

This beer is very enjoyable to drink and is definitely a session and can be had any time of the year.  Lucky 7 Porter from Evolution Craft Brewing Co. is a definite repurchase.  I look forward to enjoying Evolution’s other brews.

ABV = 5.8%

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