Kilty Pleasure Scotch Ale – Philadelphia Brewing Company

Kilty Pleasure

Kitly Pleasure from Piladelphia Brewing Company. Is this a beer for you?

Cold weather seems to be the perfect time to enjoy a big full-bodied beer. And what could be more inviting than a Scotch Ale.  So this time I am sharing bottle of Kilty Pleasure Scotch Ale from Philadelphia Brewing Company with my friend, Ken. There’s plenty in this bottle.

In the glass, the head size is average, foamy and has a light brown color.  It didn’t last long.   The carbonation was soft and the color of this beer is a ruby-brown. Looking at this Scotch Ale, it is very inviting to drink.

Leaning over this brew, I get aromas of roasted malt, alcohol and dark fruit.  The taste of this beer has caramel, notes of vanilla, roasted smokey malt and toffee.  There was a bitterness from the hops that wasn’t too pleasant.  The smoke is in the background and adds a layer of flavor.  This is a dry beer as the alcohol is all throughout each sip — almost too dry.

I didn’t really enjoy this beer as I felt that the alcohol was too prominent on the palate and had a funky bitterness.  I may try it again to give it a second chance, but only if someone was has a couple of bottles to share.  I really wanted to like Kilty Pleasure and was disappointed that I didn’t love it. Maybe a second try may change my views. If I ever try it again I will add a comment to this post.

ABV = 10%

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