Hopfish IPA – Flying Fish Brewing Company


Hopfish IPA from Flying Fish

Here’s an IPA that is the perfect match for your palate.

Well, let’s review another beer from Flying Fish Brewing Company.  This time, it’s their Hopfish IPA.

This IPA has a nice average head size that is foamy, and white in color.  The duration of the head was short and the carbonation was soft.  The body color is a nice gold and the body clarity has a slight haze to it.  This beer looks good in the glass.

The aroma of this IPA has a pleasant, strong hop bouquet that is floral and has hints of grapefruit too.  There is also a sweetness in the smell.  Now, onto the taste.  There is a wonderful bitterness that hits you right up front and it lasts throughout the sip.  I get citrus notes, and some floral ones that contribute to a bitterness that stays on your palate.  It is a welcomed experience that has you wanting more.  I also detect some caramel and toasted notes from the malts.  My advice is to be prepared to follow your first Hopfish with a second…..and possibly a third.

ABV = 6.2%

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