Hazel Brown – Samuel Adams

Hazel Brown from Samuel Adams

The hazelnut has stepped up in the world and into the beer.

Hazelnut. It is a flavoring that most believe is reserved only for coffee.  Wrong.  Completely wrong. It is a spice that if used properly, can result in a fine tasting beer.

When I purchased the Samuel Adams Harvest Sampler case, the Hazel Brown beer was one that I wanted to try.  Pouring it into the glass, it has a nice dark brown color with a nice medium carbonation.  The head size was small, off-white and fizzy.  It didn’t last long, though.

The aroma of this beer is wonderful.  There are hints of toasted malt along with that of the hazelnut. The combination is wonderful and inviting.  I find myself inhaling the scent of this beer, again and again.

The sip.  It was great.  The hazelnut flavor is prominent up front when it beer washes over your tongue and combined with the toasted malt, results in an enjoyable initial taste. The toasted malt notes accentuate the hazelnut.  I also get some caramel and toffee notes.  The hops help balance out these flavors on the finish.  This isn’t just a beer with hazelnut essence added to  it as an after thought.  Hazel Brown is a well thought out, crafted beer where all of the ingredients work together for an enjoyable experience.  A fine beer to enjoy sipping on.

There are many types of beer out there. Just because it sounds different, do not place judgement on it until you try it. Try this beer and let me know what you think.

ABV= 5.2%

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