Harvest Pumpkin Ale – Samuel Adams

Harvest Pumpkin Ale

This is a pumpkin ale that has balance to it. A very enjoyable beer.

Pumpkins.  That gourd that finds its way into pies around the holidays or onto our doorsteps in the form of a jack-o-lantern.  Beer is another destination that the lucky pumpkins get to end up in.  But it seems, as of late that everyone has a pumpkin beer.  Add Samuel Adams to the list of brewers that employ pumpkins in a beer.

Looking at this beer in the glass, the head was foamy, off-white and of average size, and it did dissipate quickly.  This brew has a nice orange and copper color to it and the carbonation is at a medium rate.

Leaning in on this beer, I am greeted with a pleasant pumpkin aroma that has you closing you eyes and just enjoying the smell.  This is a beer that greets you with welcoming arms and entices you to venture forth and take a sip.  And a sip is what I do.

The taste is malty and pumpkin with a sweetness and a slight spice to it.  The finish has a nice bitterness from the hops and it really balances out the beer.  It has the right amount of pumpkin to it and is not overdone.  This is a pumpkin ale that it worth purchasing. This is a seasonal brew so if you want to try one, you better purchase one while it is in season.

ABV = 5.7%

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