Whitewater IPA – Samuel Adams

Whitewater IPA

Whitewater IPA, a nice change.

An India Pale Ale is usually all about the hops.  Lots of hops.  Leave it to Samuel Adams to take the traditional IPA and turn it on it’s ear.  Recently, I purchased the Samuel Adams IPA Hop-ology 12-pack.  It contains six different styles of IPA’s  – two bottles of each style.  The Whitewater IPA is the first one that I tried. It is a combination of a white ale and an IPA.

This is a beer that has nice head when poured: white in color and foamy in texture.  The head dissipated slowly though out the experience.  It has medium carbonation and has a murky body clarity (as a white ale has) with a gold tinge to it. 

The aroma has floral and pine notes and a slight apricot hint. The initial flavor has an apricot taste on the front then followed with the hoppy/grapefruit taste of an IPA. This India Pale Ale has a nice creamy mouthfeel and has a nice long hoppy finish.

This is a crisp and refreshing India Pale Ale that makes the grade as one to purchase again.

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