Summer Wheat Beer – J.W. Dundee

Summer Wheat Beer - J.W. Dundee

A new summer beer to add to the rotation. Crisp and cloudy.

In the summer, a nice fresh-tasting, refreshing beer is what one looks for. And I’m not talking about the “cold-filter”, gimmicked-up crap that they advertise on T.V. as “the most refreshing beer”.  I’m talking about a beer that has flavor and is refreshing on your palate.  The brewers at J.W. Dundee have crafted a fine Summer Wheat beer.

Pouring this hefeweizen into my glass, the head was small, white and fizzy. The head dissipated quickly.  The carbonation of this hefeweizen came at a medium rate.  It is a hazy beer and has a gold color.

The aroma has nice lemon/citrus notes and a bit of maltiness from the wheat.  The first sip brings a lemon hint from the hops and a slight maltiness on the finish.  It is not a very bitter beer and has a nice refreshing crispness that is great on the palate and is refreshing.  The finish on this beer is short and does not last that long – which is not a negative on this beer.

Summer Wheat Beer is a good beer and is a definite repurchase.  I have bought three cases of it in three weeks by the time I wrote this up.  This beer is one that you can have many of and not get bored with it.

ABV = 4.5%

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