Pikeland Pils – SlyFox

Pikeland Pils - SlyFox

Good beer from a can. Really?

Canned beer. Sounds cheap.  It brings thoughts of crappy beer that has no taste – except for the metal.  Pop open a Pikeland Pils from SlyFox and all of those thoughts will be thrown out into the recycling bucket.

Let’s start with that distinct sound of popping the can open. Nice.  Then you pour the beer into a nice glass because you don’t want to drink it out of the can…….unless you are camping.  Looking at it, it has a  nice beautiful gold color with sparkling clarity.  The head is foamy and white and it dissipated quickly.  However, it was always present throughout the tasting.   The carbonation of this beer was constant – just look at the picture.

The aroma of this beer has floral and some grassy notes.  I could just keep on smelling this beer and it would be enough.  But, now to the tasting.

Right up front you get the hops in the classic pilsner form – crisp and clean. There are just the right amount of bitter hops but they are not overpowering.  They are light on the palate but the hops stay on the finish.  They malt comes in on the background and is subtle on the finish.  It malt completes this experience.

This is a refreshing, well-crafted German style pilsner that is perfect for any season.  I recommend buying this beer.  The good beer that comes in cans.

ABV = 4.9%


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  • Sounds like you like it in the can.

    Ken August 14, 2012 8:49 am Reply
    • This beer is good in the can. So yes, I do.

      Brian August 14, 2012 8:32 pm Reply

Did you like? Let me know!!