Latitude 48 IPA – Samuel Adams

Latitude 48 IPA

An easy drinking IPA

India Pale Ales are great beers.  But some can be over powering and take the hoppiness to the next level. Sometimes, that may be what you are looking for. But if you want an IPA that has a nice, easy-drinking hop taste throughout, then Latitude 48 IPA is that beer.

As I stated, the hop taste is not overpowering and is steady. What I like is that you can taste the maltiness in the background with every sip.

When poured the head was large, a little off-white and stayed around during the experience. It is a very clear brew with a nice amber color with medium carbonation.

The hops that are used all come from regions on the 48th latitude. German Hallertau, English Fuggles and American Ahtanum, Simcoe and Zeus are all used. The result is a floral and grapefruit taste and aroma that is layered and balanced and is enjoyable to drink. There is a nice creamy mouthfeel and has an average hoppy finish that doesn’t linger long on your tongue.  This is a nice beer to drink.

ABV = 4.7%

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