Dead Guy Ale – Rogue

Dead Guy Ale

This is a great beer in a great looking glass.

Dead Guy Ale. Sounds like a rough beer to drink. Don’t judge this one by its name, though.  This is a quality beer from the talented brewers at Rogue.

After poured into the glass, this ale has a beautiful copper color. It has medium carbonation, with a nice large white head that was foamy in texture.

The aroma of this beer has hints of citrus and caramel. It just smells wonderful. I found myself swirling it around in the glass so I could release more of that pleasing scent. The taste of the ale………my tongue first detects pine and citrus from the hops that adds a nice bitterness  to the beer.  The sip then jumps into a nice malty flavor that also has caramel notes that balances out the beer.

Bottle cap

A beer that is dedicated to you.

This is a wonderfully balanced beer that is easy and enjoyable to drink for any season.   Dead Guy Ale from  Rogue is a definite repeat purchase that is worth your money.

ABV = 6.5%

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