Celebration – Sierra Nevada

Celebration - Sierra Nevada

The holidays call for a Celebration! Make that a case of Celebration from Sierra Nevada! Cheers!

I enjoyed a nice bottle of Sierra Nevada’s Celebration right after Christmas.  It’s cold outside, the Christmas Tree has the lights on and my glass has a wonderful beer in it.

The head size was average, white in color and fizzy in appearance. The duration of the head dissipated at a slow rate. The carbonation had a nice medium flow to it. The color of the ale was that of amber and the body clarity is clear.

Celebration has wonderful pine and citrus aromas that come from the hops. This is a beer that just smells great. The flavors that I pick up are citrus and pine from the hops and a sweet caramel flavor in the background.  The bitterness in this beer is enjoyable and is balanced well with the slight sweetness from the malts.

If you enjoy tasting different types of beer, you may already know that this is a quality ale.  If you are just getting into trying new beers, this is one to add to your tasting list.  Celebration is just that……a celebration of beer with wonderful flavor. Cheers!


ABV = 6.8%

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